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Thursday, 14/07/2005
Help anyone???
Mood:  happy
Topic: Announcements
Hi all. I sat for the exam 70-315 Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, and I am an MCP now.

As for the other things I said I would do, like the article on caching, well I guess they are postponed for now.

Any one that needs help on any topic in .NET post here and don't send me emails, especially on the Sub Dialog Control.

New things, are coming up so cheer up. I will be uploading a new control by me, this time totally by me. I will gove you a hint on what's it about: ADS yes ads, we all know that there is a control called AdRotator in ASP.NET well here is a more poweful version, tune in for updates.


Posted by iceshock0 at 7:08 PM EEST
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Monday, 18/07/2005 - 7:24 PM EEST

Name: abacus

>any other replies to this plz post them to my blog with the full coversation :)
>good luck and one more thing, tell me more about what you studied
>where you are from and stuff like that and moreover what is the
>project you are working on...

Thanks for you the last reply..
Am Adewale Olalekan from Lagos,Nigeria, working with as programmer and web administrator
We are into logistics(supply chain), so am trying to develop a web application for keeping track of every
transactions and customer tracking system. so that the customer can track the goods and papers we are delivering on their
behalf online. :).. we have tried to developed this using coldfusion, but the development time was getting
longer and my boss is not taking things easy for me, so we then try .net approach, am from the family
of vb 6, so i quickly adopted (many people use C#, after this project, i ll migrate to c#. good huh? :) )

when i came across submodal (dtml without .net), didnt see it very useful, so with your enhancement to .net, i found it very very useful. Thanks bro.

*Back to my post for the today.*

1. I used hidden field to pass variables, thinking of using session variables, i used session variables in coldfusion development, i think am comfortable.

2. Because am learning and developing, the project time is dragging again, so i will need your help here

*Basic Information Gathering Scenario for the project*
I use a single web form page for the information gathering. i.e on that page
-I do record navigation, add new record, modify record, delete record and save.
(I have separate server side buttons for all these functionalities)
so i have 5 buttons - add, modify, add, delete,save and view list (pop up :- submodal this is for navigation)
Add - enable the form,will clear all the fields and disable other buttons and itself, except save
Modify - enable the form execept id, and disable other buttons and itself, except save
Delete - delete record
save - update the dataset, and enable other buttons except disable d form and itself
view list- throw a pop up (submodal control)- use for navigation

what i notice is that every button click will cause a postback. with this i cant use validation controls, they validate,

how I can

(1) make the all buttons except save button not to cause postback because at every postbacks validate control will validate I want postback for save button only.


(2) make the buttons run at client side and be able to call a group subroutines or methods on server

Thanks. This will make my work easy. I can send the development so far if you like to look through.


aka abacus

Saturday, 23/07/2005 - 3:30 AM EEST

Name: iceshock0

answer to this one is easy, EnableValidation = false
but this gets tricky when you come across something like the following senario:
you have button A
you have button B
you have validator 1 on txt1
and validator 2 on txt2

If you click on button A you need just validator1 to be checked not 2
when you click on button B you need only validator 2 to be checked or enabled.
In such a senario I found that client side intervention is necessary. We can remove validator2 and set EnableValidation on Button B to false, then we use onclick of button B to do the work of checking what we need to check and return false when we don't want to allow a postback. Returning false from any funtion that is called upon the onclick event of the button means we are telling the form not to submit...
We can get more crafty by using a combination of validators and javascript tp enable and disable them, show and hide them....

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