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The Beginning
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Saturday, 23/07/2005
Hard Disk, Hard Headache
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Trouble
Ahhhhhhhhh, I think I am done with restoring my PC to its state. I cannot afford to go through reinstallation of windows and all programs after my disk went crazy, and had physical damage. So, I got myself a new disk (Western Digital) 120 GB and installed it. I used Norton Ghost 9 to make an image of my E: drive, (I have 2 windows one one C and one on E). now the issues lies here, there are multiple options in Ghost and i tried all, Copy Drive is one method the other is to make an image file. in both cases i end up with one or a combination of the following:
- NTLDR is missing
- If I solve the NTLDR prob by getting the necessary files from another partition, then the windows just freezes when I get to the login screen
- trying to repair the existing installation on the new disk keeps on freezing

- now this time i tred once more, restored the image file over a fresh installation of windows on the new disk and copied ntldr and the other needed files, things looked fine, I logged in and all is cool
- the thing that keeps on bothering me is that i get windows error when i right click on disk management and choose properties, I donno why this happens

-also one more thing is strange, when i scanned the new disk before this time (in my prev attempts) I got bad sectors, could that be because I made the image from a corrupt disk (with the ignore bad sectors option in Ghost checked)???

never mind but I am afraid to run chkdsk, a friend (the one who showed me how to deal with the ntldr issue) told me that I needed to unmark the bad sectors on the new disk using a utility like norton disk doctor or rescan the disk using such a utility...

I donno what to do next, I think I will just be grateful and accept what I have...

Posted by iceshock0 at 3:18 AM EEST
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Thursday, 14/07/2005
Help anyone???
Mood:  happy
Topic: Announcements
Hi all. I sat for the exam 70-315 Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, and I am an MCP now.

As for the other things I said I would do, like the article on caching, well I guess they are postponed for now.

Any one that needs help on any topic in .NET post here and don't send me emails, especially on the Sub Dialog Control.

New things, are coming up so cheer up. I will be uploading a new control by me, this time totally by me. I will gove you a hint on what's it about: ADS yes ads, we all know that there is a control called AdRotator in ASP.NET well here is a more poweful version, tune in for updates.


Posted by iceshock0 at 7:08 PM EEST
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Thursday, 09/06/2005
Coming Up
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: The Beginning
So, many good things coming up this month... i will be soon _this week probably_ posting my tested ASP.Net User Control for subModal a very popular DHTML solution for Modal Dialogs. Also, I will be taking my first exam for MCSD. It will be the ASP.NET exam. I intend to finish my current reading: "ASP.Net Unleashed". And by the way, I might also be posting a new article on "Output Caching" in ASP.NET.

Posted by iceshock0 at 1:00 AM EEST
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Wednesday, 01/06/2005
Funny Life
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: The Beginning
Is it not funny? I was suposed to be asleep in my bed yesterday. I started getting these thoughts that keep one from falling asleep. The thoughts that have your dreams in them. Like every time these thoughts were accompanied by the disappointment of the current situation , with the bitter feeling that there is nothing that I can do about it. Well, nothing except this, I can unload my sorrow and anger here, yeah here. One of you might be saying here goes another blog gone malodramatic. Well, I won't be that malodramatic all the time. This is a technical blog after all. Maybe I will add another blog for my personnal sh*t. So enjoy this blog and feel free to post whenever u get the chance...

Posted by iceshock0 at 9:09 AM EEST
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